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The Secret to Categorize the Given Topics for a Literary Analysis Essay as Strong or Weak

The Secret to Categorize the Given Topics for a Literary Analysis Essay as Strong or Weak Up in Arms About Categorize the Given Topics for a Literary Analysis Essay as Strong or Weak? The prior is so obvious and can't be mistaken. Let's look at a good example. This analysis may cover all or just some elements of, for example, a poem or novel in regard to its style and its general contribution to the industry of literature. For example, the ring is a sign of evil power. Examining the different elements utilised in a book lets you understand literature broadly. Scroll down the page in order to look at extra essay samples which can help you in producing your very own literary essay. Sometimes you are going to be given an open-ended job and in this instance, you have the chance to explore your own question about the text. A superb introduction needs a strong thesis statement that is the previous sentence in your of this section. Since you can see in a sample book file, the m anner of your essay should be quite formal. The Principles of Categorize the Given Topics for a Literary Analysis Essay as Strong or Weak You Can Benefit From Starting Today The actors play the part of both male and female since it includes a stipulation that the actors want to be of the exact same sex thus ensuring cross-dressing. Don't hesitate to bring any background information if it's pertinent to a thesis and can assist the audience understand your preferred position. Sometimes it's up to you to pick what type of topic you give your priority to. You have the ability to understand unique scenes and character behaviors. Don't neglect to produce and use your literary analysis outline. Locate an ideal sample literary analysis outline before you begin. Bear in mind, you're analyzing a crucial element of the literature. Asking questions such as, what is the goal of a literary analysis essay can help you to create the basis of your essay. He seems to see that the things h e's done hurt men and women, and he regrets them. Don't claim you know everything and your opinion is the best truth. Exactly like Telemachus was aided by Athena on his search to find out more regarding his father, there are those in the society today eager to lend a hand. The Pain of Categorize the Given Topics for a Literary Analysis Essay as Strong or Weak Despite how it's deceptively easy, just answer the question. Ensure everything you do is supporting your response to the question. There are not any incorrect answers so long as you make rational points which you are able to support. Write the thesis in your words. Every fantastic essay ends with a very good conclusion. The thing is the fact that it may appear difficult to select a topic for your essay. There are various elements involved with writing an effective essay. Comparable to all other essays the layout follows the identical rule. The biggest weakness of humanity is the ability to create terrific societie s and destroy them if they're not delighted. Your conclusion will find a way to solve the problem you identified. Lots of people concern themselves with acquiring wealth whatever the lengths they must go to receive it. He sees his lineage for a burden. These types all have distinct features and it's possible you will want to analyze them from an international perspective if you are supposed to finish your essay in the simplest way possible. Additionally, it gives proof of the means by which the theme supports the central idea. Don't underestimate how valuable it's to understand the way your work is going to be judged. All literary works are challenging and confusing since they are similar yet different in various ways. However, it would be hard to argue that Tom would not make several of the very same choices all over again. The good thing is that it is easy to get our effective on-line assistance from a group of competent, dependable, and skillful writers. Your objecti ve is to carefully examine a sheet of literature. I understand this is a fundamental step, but my point here is you need to actually readthe material. See the image below for an invaluable example that may guide your response. We don't need to be correct. If you just don't have enough time to get this done, or whether or not it seems too tough to finish the task before the due date, skip to the previous paragraph. Rubrics can be a bit different and sometimes, a student won't have accessibility to the rubric chart that pertains to their task specifically. You ought to have a set of important skills to be successful. If you've got an assignment to compose a literary essay, you can face issues on the very start of the task completion. These effective ideas can help you produce the ideal outline. The tradition of writing essays also develops critical thinking that is highly needed in any upcoming job. The Hidden Gem of Categorize the Given Topics for a Literary Analysis Essa y as Strong or Weak A sample literary analysis essay of Romeo and Juliet, you can incorporate the simple fact that the stars and the planets aren't utilised to convey the part of symbolism rather, they serve as witnesses. The introduction needs to be geared toward catching the reader's imagination. On another level, it's the story of all of the actual damage that may result from seemingly innocent adventures. Thuc Ky Tam's character is a superb instance of a guy who owns the two of these characteristics. Categorize the Given Topics for a Literary Analysis Essay as Strong or Weak and Categorize the Given Topics for a Literary Analysis Essay as Strong or Weak - The Perfect Combination They're prepared to aid you with your analysis 24 hours each day. Tom even goes to lengths to produce the people he's hurt feel far better.

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Islamic Wealth Management And World View Finance Essay - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 1021 Downloads: 7 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Finance Essay Type Analytical essay Did you like this example? Prosperity and fortune is a significant goal for many individuals. It is the focus of trade and other business communications, such as sales. This fortune can come in many forms; it can be in the form of money to some people and to others it can be in the form of property i.e. houses, cars and lands. In order for man to obtain this prosperity and fortune, better known as wealth, man has to work (hard) for it, it does not come naturally. Even so, many people are lucky enough to have inherited this fortune of wealth. ÂÂ   Wealth management from an Islamic viewpoint follows appropriate guidance principle of shariah, which to a great extent, takes a different route from the typical point of view. Throughout the paper, it was deliberately intended to show that a difference exists. Any shortcomings on that purposes is owing to the technical know how on the part of authors. However, the paper sought to convey that owning wealth in Islam does not make any person the total owner of that wealth they have. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Islamic Wealth Management And World View Finance Essay" essay for you Create order Wealth is simply handed over upon us by God and thus, it has to be used and utilised in accordance with Gods consent as stated in shariah rulings. Wholesome ownership can be attained of this fortune in many ways, as in a sale contract or gift; making someone the successor of another as in inheritance, and the acquiring of a thing which free for the public use. In all of these situations, Islam has a way in managing this wealth. ÂÂ  Man as the vicegerent on this world is expected to seek this wealth and use it in a way that will help him obtain the happiness and contentment of God in this world and hereafter. With that, the paper provided some practical scenarios as to how fortune and riches can be used in Islam for this reason. It was therefore illustrated in zakat planning, al Ijarah financing and Islamic unit trust. The main purpose is to show the approach to wealth management in Islam not prevalent in the conventional way. The methods of financing should not only avoid riba, gharar and maysir but also be economically competent. In search of this economic competency, Islamic Banks now contribute to provide their services to Islamic banking; it varies from simple Shariah-compliant retail products to highly complex structured finance and large-scale project lending. Muslims (and non-Muslims) can now get hold of Islamic credit cards, can insure themselves and their property Islamically, can invest on line in Islamic funds, can track their investments Islamically and can even get a Shariah-compliant mortgage from many US based firm. Islamic banks are now located in places to other firms not only in large scale corporate financing but also more complex wholesale transactions such as syndications and securitization. Bahrains recent $255mn al-Hidd power financing is a case in point. Lead arranged by BNP Paribas, HSBC Amanah, Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait and Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, the $55mn Islamic tranche arr anged by the Saudi-based Islamic Development Bank and Kuwait Finance House was summoned as a landmark in district power finance. KFH had previously helped set an inter-creditor agreement precedent when it secured in 1995 a $200mn Islamic tranche for Kuwaits $1.2bn Equate petrochemical project. This convergence shows how the Islamic financial sector is part of the globalizing trend and not rejectionist. In essence, Islamic finance presents sets of well-understood tools within the framework of modern banking and finance. ÂÂ   Worldwide, the Islamic banking is forever growing. Islamic banking is managed by the shariah laws and aim to achieve equality and balance between the parties in an agreement. This makes it very different from typical banking as typical banking does not have the aspect of faith or religion in the governance. In terms of products and services, both types of banks offer similar services and products. This provides customers with a wide range of alternatives in deciding on a bank that best suits their needs and economic benefits. Researchers have established numerous factors of consumers preferences of bank selection, for example, the cost and benefit (Metawa Almossawi (1998), Abbas, Hamid et al (2003)), service quality (Ahmad Haron (2002), Asyraf Nurdianawati (2007), staff factors (Laroche et al (1986), Azura et al (2006)) and mass media advertising (Haron, Ahmad et al (1994), Othman Owen (2002)). ÂÂ   This research is motivated by the fact of choices the consumers have in their hands. Although many researchers have been conducted to find out the liking of consumers in selecting banks, this research tries to reveal the features persuading between Islamic banking and conventional (traditional) by using factoring analysis and logistic regression. From 191 respondents from the states in Malaysia, the result shows that advertising their services and products and ease of access are certainly important to the Islamic banking selection, whereby the service quality is not very important to the Islamic banking selection. There is an increasing trend, especially amongst the younger generation to reject unethical or socially irresponsible investment funds and businesses. Islamic Finance does not agree to undertake or fund and support the anti-social and unethical businesses such as gambling, prostitution, alcoholic liquor, nightclubs and narcotics. Islamic banks are forbidden from opening accounts or providing finance to persons and establishments involved in such activities. In this admiration, it is clearly ahead of the recent rush in ethical finance and socially responsible finance that are becoming quite popular in the Western world. Due to their active participation and familiarity of the nature of businesses of their clients, Islamic financial institutions are in a better position to detect and avoid the channeling of depositors money for financing extremely risky but equally remunerative anti-social behavior. The Islamic finance service industry is growing very fast and is attracting the interest of both Muslim and non-Muslim market players. Experiences and knowledge so far suggests that there are a number of ways in which the industry is adding value to the global financial system. The challenges facing the sustainability and expansion of the industry in the future are quite alarming. An early and reasonable solution to meet these challenges will decide the prospect of the industry

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Essay about Illegal Immigration in the United States

Illegal immigration in the US is and has been an ongoing battle for many years. According to legal-dictionary an illegal immigrant is define as an alien (non-citizen) who has entered the united sates without government permission or stayed beyond the termination date of a visa. There are many problems that occur such as overpopulation, raising crime rates and unemployment. Some Americans have issues with illegal immigration and some do not. Those with the issues are concerned about illegal immigrants taking Americans jobs and not paying taxes. Those without the issue are mostly business owners who hire them because most immigrants will work for a low wage and owners also do not have to claim them on their taxes. Therefore the American†¦show more content†¦If businesses are fined or have some other disciplinary actions taken against them for hiring illegal immigrants, this would force them to stop. If they are more careful with whom they hire, illegal immigrants would not ha ve a place of employment, therefore decreasing the number of illegal immigrants who come to America looking for jobs. America is considered to be â€Å"the land of Opportunity†. From jobs, to healthcare, America has a lot to offer, which is why so many people want to live here. The issue with this is the US only allows a certain number of immigrants per year to become citizens. The majorities of immigrants who want to come to America know this and feel they might not be accepted in the small number that is allowed so they enter the country illegally. According to an article found in the New York Times, in 2008, there was an estimated 11.9 million illegal immigrants in America and since then the number has grown. Another solution to the illegal immigrant issue is to raise the number of visas given to immigrants per year. In another passage taken from the article by Jeff Jacoby, he states, â€Å"But because US law authorizes only 5000 visas annually for the low skilled immigrants, there is no lawful way for most of the workers we need to enter the country.† By giving such a low number of visas to immigrants each year, it causes other immigrants to want to enter the country illegally, in an act of desperation. By raising the number of visas given, it canShow MoreRelatedIllegal Immigration And The United States1573 Words   |  7 Pagesmillion illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States furthermore, for the United States economy. The correctional prerequisites against migrants were added to enactment to protect it from feedback that acquittal is absolution without outcome. Immigration makes a difference among everybody, and Congress ought to be doing everything in its energy to make it as simple as feasible for settlers to live and work lawfully what s more, openly in the United States. The United States is knownRead MoreIllegal Immigration And The United States1315 Words   |  6 PagesFor ages, the United States has seemed to be the country where people seek to move to for a better life. The United States was built on immigrants. People have always migrated to the United States both legally and illegally. The main problem the country has face with immigrants is the amount that trespass the border illegally. Illegal immigration is the unlawful act of crossing a national border(Illegal Immigration Pros and Cons). The illegal immigrant population keeps growing at an annual averageRead MoreIllegal Immigration And The United States969 Words   |  4 PagesAmerican businessman, politician, television personality, and author, is the presumptive of the y for president of the United States in 2016having won the most state primaries and caucuses and delegates to the 2016 Republican National Convention. Trump’s positions in opposition to illegal immigration, various free trade agreements that he believes are unfair, and most military interventionism have earned him particular support among blue-collar voters and voters without college degrees. Many of hisRead MoreIllegal Immigration And The United States1486 Words   |  6 PagesIllegal immigration has been an issue in the United States for a long time so the issues that come with it should not be a surprise. America was established on the basis of newcomers settling here from abroad. Recently though, thousands of illegal immigrants have come into the U.S. through either the Mexico border, the Pacific Ocean, or the Gulf of Mexico which has created a new an unanticipated issue for the U.S., in the past immigrants came from Europe and passed through the Ellis Island stationRead MoreIllegal Immigration Is The United States1805 Words   |  8 PagesIllegal immigration is the migration of people across national borders in a way that violates the immigration laws of the destination country. Some c ountries have millions of illegal immigrants. Immigration, including illegal immigration, is overwhelmingly upward, from a poorer to a richer country. The easy definition of an undocumented immigrant is someone who was not born in the United States and therefore has no legal right to be or remain in the United States. Not all undocumented immigrantsRead MoreIllegal Immigration : The United States1876 Words   |  8 PagesIllegal Immigration Due to the economic benefits of immigrant labor, the dangers of central American countries, and the basic human rights of noncitizens, the US government must grant amnesty to undocumented immigrants. Illegal immigration has become a rising issue in the US over the past few years, and it will continue to heat up coming into this year s presidential election. This issue is also very present in the local community due to it’s diversity and large Hispanic population. GenerallyRead MoreIllegal Immigration in the United States1864 Words   |  8 PagesIllegal Immigration In The United States: A Controversial Debate Illegal immigration is an on-going issue, which is of much importance in the United States today. It has been overlooked for many years, however it has reached a point where it can no longer be ignored. Most of the illegal immigrants, 54% to be exact, come through the Mexican border. (Hayes 5) Since the early 1980’s, the number of illegal Mexican immigrants has risen at an incredible rate, causing the United States government to takeRead MoreIllegal Immigration in the United States Essay2094 Words   |  9 PagesIllegal Immigration in the United States Illegal Immigration in the United States The United States (US) has always been viewed as the land of opportunity because it is the only true free country in the world. This being the case people have been fighting their way into the country for decades. However, it is becoming more and more of a problem each decade that passes. With the United States border being so close to Mexico it is now seeing the highest population of illegal immigrants toRead MoreDeportation: Immigration to the United States and Illegal Alien2373 Words   |  10 Pagesadvance because of the way the immigration process works. However, one thing we all had in mind, was to see the light of a different country, see different faces and hopefully find ways to stay. Once the airplane took off, words was already spread all over the office of Haiti air in Florida that the airplane left Haiti with more than 30 Haitian illegal on board. The first few 2 hours spent at the arrival office was like a discovery of a new world for every single illegal in that group. This was oneRead MoreIllegal Immigration And Immigration In The United States1091 Words   |  5 Pagesarrest persons for immigration enforcement purposes. (De Leon, K) The new legislation, created by California Senate President Kevin de Leon, officially makes the state of California a â€Å"sanctuary state†. Previously, de Leon determined that Donald Trump is a racist because of his positions on immigration; most notably, Trump’s attempt to defund cities that considered themselves sanctuaries. In a debate that is becoming increasingly more polarized, Brown sought to protect illegal immigrants against

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Aggregate Demand And Aggregate Supply - 1154 Words

There is nothing so frustrating as not being able to answer a single question at the end of a study week. But being able to make a brief summary, on the other hand, will steer you up. This week work was in the domain of aggregate demand and aggregate supply: the long run and the short run, recessionary and inflationary gaps and long-run economic equilibrium, determining the level of consumption and aggregate expenditures and aggregate demand. I have been able to retain that aggregate demand is the total quantity of goods and services that a household, foreign buyers, and governments will buy at a given price level. A shift to the left of the aggregate demand indicates a fall in price, output returning to normal pushing it again to the right. Unlike the aggregate supply which is curve showing any combination of inflation and the real output which companies are ready to offer base on their production cost, will witness a shift to the left in the short-run as a result of price rise and falling output. In the long-run, the potential output is vertical line independent on inflation resulting in a flexible price of output and input. Reflecting on the subject of Recessionary and Inflationary Gaps, and Long-run Economic Equilibrium, I am able to retain that recessionary gaps exist if real GDP is less than Potential real GDP. At this point in time, the unemployment rate is greater than the natural rate of employment cause job seekers to settle for lower wages. The situation atShow MoreRelatedAggregate Demand And Aggregate Supply1732 Words   |  7 PagesAs the concept of supply and demand play a big role in microeconomics, aggregate demand and aggregate supply are of much relevance to economics on the larger scale. In order to truly understand aggregate demand and aggregate supply, we have to uncover what they mean and their effect on the economy. To begin with, the first part to aggregate demand and supply is aggregate demand. Aggregate demand is a curve that shows how much of the nation s output (or real GDP) in total that buyers want to purchaseRead MoreAggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply911 Words   |  4 PagesAssignment Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply 11. For each of following events, explain the short-run and the long-run effects on the output and the price level, assuming policymakers take no action. (a) The stock market declines sharply, reducing consumers’ wealth. AS1 AS2 AD1 AD2 Y2 Y1 P1 P2 P3 LRAS A B C P AD-AS diagram Output 0 Since the stock market declines sharply, the people’ wealth are being affected. In short run, it leads to a fall in aggregate demand whichRead MoreAggregate Demand And Aggregate Supply Model806 Words   |  4 PagesAggregate demand and aggregate supply model is considering about the economy as a whole and used to explain how national income is determined. (economicsonline, 2016) Aggregate demand is the total demand for the economy scarce resources at a given price level and in a given period of time. It includes export(I), government spending(G), investment(X), some of consumer spending and less imports from aboard(M). The formula is AD= C+I+G+X-M. (economicsonline, 2016) Apart from imports, AD is related withRead MoreMacroeconomics Essay on Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply1054 Words   |  4 Pagesmargins. At higher aggregate supply, the price is likely to decrease, compensating the fact that the companies have reduced their costs and allowing them to produce at the sa me level for similar prices. Aggregate demand will also increase, mainly because the products and services that are associated with oil and natural gas will become more affordable. As aggregate demand increases, the price will also likely increase in the short-term, at least until aggregate supply and demand regulate themselvesRead MoreAnalysis Of The Aggregate Demand And The Aggregate Supply Model Essay946 Words   |  4 PagesThe aggregate demand and the aggregate supply model is a macroeconomics model that explains price level and real output through the relationship of aggregate demand and supply. The aggregate demand curve consist of consumption(C), investment (I), government spending (G), net export (NX). The question caused by monetary expansion. In this essay, it analysis monetary policy, Philips curve which relation between inflation and unemployment.it draws conclusion and apply the theory into two countries whichRead MoreSupply and Demand Aggregate956 Words   |  4 PagesSupply and Demand Economic Critique Rachel Middlebrook ECO/372 February 4, 2014 Rick Pretzsch Supply and Demand Economic Critique The United States economy is determined by a number of factors, such as; gross domestic product (GDP), unemployment rates, consumer income, and interest rates. Everything the U.S. produces is measured by the GDP. When the GDP turns negative, the economy can enter a recession. If this negative GDP continues for years the country is considered in a depressionRead MoreAggregate Demand and Supply Models1095 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Aggregate Demand and Supply Models Aggregate Demand and Supply Models ECO/372 Aggregate Demand and Supply Models The following report will detail out the current state of the U.S. Economy. The report will discuss the following: * Current economic state in regards to unemployment, expectations, consumer income and interest rates * The existing effect of the economic factors on aggregate demand and supply * Fiscal policies that are currently being recommended by government leadershipRead MoreOverview of Interrelated Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Curves1544 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Aggregate Supply Curve Variables One of the major facets and functions of modern macroeconomic and microeconomic theory are the interrelated aggregate demand and aggregate supply curves. This report will focus on the latter as well as the variables that are typically accepted to affect the aggregate supply curves. An example graph showing a hypothetical shift in the aggregate supply curve is included in the appendix of this report. Aggregate Supply Curve Summary As noted in the introduction,Read MoreAggregate Demand and Supply Paper1955 Words   |  8 PagesAggregate Demand and Supply Models Economic Critique Ken Drake, ECO 372 Macroeconomics September 10, 2012 Jason Foster Aggregate Demand and Supply Models Economic Critique In the United States the economy is currently in a recession, although signs are indicating that the economy is slowly recovering. In an effort to analyze the Unites States economy the unemployment rate, expectations, consumer income, and interest rates have been evaluated. The results of these evaluations are includedRead MoreSupply and Demand and Stationary Aggregate Demand4063 Words   |  17 Pagesï » ¿Macroeconomics, (Hubbard/O’Brien) Chapter 24 Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Analysis 1) The static aggregate demand and aggregate supply curve model helps explain A) short term fluctuations in real GDP and the price level. B) long term growth. C) price fluctuations in an individual market. D) output fluctuations in an individual market. 2) The aggregate demand curve shows the relationship between the ________ and ________. A) inflation

Marketing Plan For A Business Level Strategy - 1089 Words

As a rising star, The WhiteWave Foods Company has grown significantly in its short history. Today it is made up of four different groups of business, plus a joint venture in China (2013 Annual Review, 2014): Plant Based Foods (including the brands Silk ®, So Delicious ® and Alpro ® brands), Coffee Creamers Beverages (International Delight and Land O Lakes Half Half and Mini Moo’s), Premium Dairy (Horizon Organic), Organic Greens Produce (Earthbound Farm), and the joint venture with China Mengniu Dairy. WhiteWave has pursued a variety of strategies to support its unprecedented growth. Business-level Strategy Across its various business groups and within each of its brand, WhiteWave tends to follow a focused differentiation strategy to†¦show more content†¦With a low level of diversity, not venturing out of the larger food and beverage industry, WhiteWave could take advantage of operational relatedness, allowing it to share operations if it is opportune. In addition, it has competitive advantages throughout its value chain that it can transfer across the company. According to its website, it has core competencies in identifying trends, developing products with staying power, introducing new categories and developing line extensions, and scaling up quickly, both in manufacturing and marketing (WhiteWave Foods, 2015). Even in its short history as an independent firm, this claim has borne out: Earthbound Farms was acquired in 2013 and WhiteWave Foods was able to see a positive return the following year (Chen, 2014). Likewise, its investments in research and development in the United States and Europe have paid off, with the successful launches of Silk line extensions such as Almond Milk and refrigerated iced coffees (The Whitewave Foods Company, 2014). WhiteWave touts its strong portfolio of products, with its brands enjoying either #1 or #2 market share, all in high-growth markets (2013 Annual Review, 2014). It would most certainly rank as a star on the Boston Consulting Group portfolio analysis matrix. Merger Acquisition Strategy WhiteWave follows a horizontal acquisition strategy to increase market power at the corporate level, with the

Information Governance for Public Organizations - myassignmenthelp

Question: Write about theInformation Governancefor Public Sector Organizations. Answer: Annotation With the evolution in technology, use of mobile devices increased. Thus involvement of information governance is thus required in a large extent to support business process with a focus of improving information quality. The aim of this study is to explore factors that affect information governance within the mobile technology implementation in organizations in the dual-use framework. Introduction Over the years mobile devices have witnessed several changes and these devices affect human lives in a significant manner. These devices are available in different forms and the most common features- they are wireless and can connect remote internet network. With upgradation in technology these devices adopt new features and these features are- touch enabled, improved camera quality, more storage, better RAM, and improved design. Thus the usage of these devices is growing over the years. But with growth in demand the risks involved with the devices is also high. So here comes the entry of information governance to manage information in a better way. Information governance provides a holistic approach to administer and influence information to support business processes. Various aspects of organizational elements are included in the domain of information governance these are-governance structure, policies, measures, records, audit etc. Improvements in mobile device technologies are po sing challenges to records management and this is due to the fact records now can be stored in different systems across different platforms and with the data explosion the control over the record is constantly reduced. The problem of data explosion has increased with the revolution in mobile device industry and the records and information management (RIM) industry have clearly pointed the problem created due to data explosion. Thus with evolution of new features and functions of mobile devices, security aspects should be handled with care. Therefore mobile device usage has both aspects of usage positive and negative. Numerous arenas of positive aspects of mobile device usage and one negative aspect of its usage may pose a huge pay off. Research gap exists regarding the dual aspect of mobile devices. This journal article thus aims to explore the perceived risks that are associated with the dual use of mobile devices. The article reviewed several literatures on the concerned topic and then applied methodology to explore the significant factors. Finally it provides insights of the study. Analysis In order to find the effect of factors impacting information governance, this particular study used qualitative research method by collecting and analyzing empirical data. By conducting the qualitative research, this study finds main factors organizations should take care: urgency of support from the stakeholders in order to modify and influence security of the organization. The study also finds that major challenge for RIM stakeholders is regarding records mobility with data mobility. Finally study finds that for a successful mobile implementation, mobile strategy and security structure are the two crucial factors. The three factors identified by this study are consistent with previous studies on the same issue. Study finds active participation of stakeholders is required and this result is consistent with study on the same topic (Wilkin, Campbell and Moore 2013). The result of the study also shows that information governance depends upon higher management of an organization and this is because good security framework only achieved when investments are done. Finally the article shows that human element plays the role of obstacles in securing organizational information and this result also consistent with other studies (Garbarino-Alberti, 2013). Thus the three issues identified by the study are consistent with previous studies on the same topic. Hence the research method used by the study rightly points out the factors affecting the information governance on the dual use of mobile devices. Conclusion Growing use of mobile devices involves a greater risk but if the factors are determined in a proper manner then it is easy to fight against the problem raised from it. This study particularly explores the factors affecting the information governance and it finds the factors in a suitable way. The risks associated with mobile devices will be reduced and use of mobile devices will have only positive effect on its users if factors are addressed properly. The study thus suggests that good information security governance framework is required and organizations should identify the underlying mechanics. Amali, L.N., Mahmuddin, M. and Ahmad, M., 2014. Information Technology Governance Framework in the Public Sector Organizations. TELKOMNIKA (Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control), 12(2), pp.429-436. Annotation Information technology governance emerged to produce efficient and effective use of IT. Importance of this governance is felt by both the sectors of the economy-public and private. This paper mainly aims to provide framework of IT governance in public sector organizations and the relevant factors that contribute to the implementation of IT governance in Indonesia. Introduction Various countries felt the need of IT governance to achieve their desired goals. Presently, numerous organizations are adopting and applying IT governance. Public sector organizations included IT governance in its purview for better evaluation, direction and monitor of IT in organizations. It is also expected that ITG practices will improve the performance of organization. Thus along with the existing frameworks new approaches should be adopted. The initiation of ITG was 1990 and it was outcome of government regulations concerning information policy issues. Both sectors of economy are so different from each other but both require ITG. Investments on IT nowadays play an integral role for increasing economic growth of a country. Particularly with respect to public sector ITG adopted for success. There are three elements of ITG framework- processes, structures and relational mechanisms. The focus of public sector to achieve greater performance needs control over IT spending. In Indonesia lack of clear structure for ITG raised difficulty to assess the competence of resources used for IT and risks linked with awareness and utilization of ITG in public sector (Al Omari et al. 2012). The study thus was conducted with a view that it could provide solution to the government of Indonesia in order to mitigate problems raised within the system. Analysis For understanding the function of ITG in public sector, a descriptive approach is used. This approach involves survey of policies, procedures, literatures, technical and non technical documentation and observation. This study revealed that ITG evolved to recognize business value of IT. In order to recognize value of business a framework is identified which promote ITG. This framework shows that vision of ITG is important for being innovative, monitoring and evaluation of ITG is required for assuring better performance and the roles of different units should be assigned in a proper manner. Study finally shows that policies regarding ITG should be implemented with suitable guidance. Thus study using descriptive approach points out the factors which contribute to better performance of ITG in public sector. The findings of the study are consistent with other studies on the same topic. Conclusion The purpose of this paper to provide a suitable framework for guiding ITG in public sector is solved to some extent .The paper offer a ground that organizations must follow to obtain benefits by implementing ITG. It is expected that the framework proposed by the study will develop understanding power of organizations to solve problems raised within organization. The framework developed by keeping in mind the three elements of ITG mechanism which are important for proper implementation of IT. Comparison of two articles The two journal articles under consideration show that Information Governance is very important for the growth of any organization. Articles pointed out gap exist during the implementation of proper IG. For increasing the growth of any organization IG should be given more importance because proper IG would lower the risks associated with security issues. Both the studies provide path for IG implementation. The first article although identifies the appropriate factors affecting IG but the factors determined by the study already being identified by other studies there is no new factor identified which affects IG, it only shows consistency with other studies. Thus research gap existed in the particular issue addressed by first article. Now coming to the second article which concentrated on solving problems in public sector of Indonesia gives a framework of ITG which should be followed by the public sector to expand growth of public sector. This study has shortcomings in the sense, it used a descriptive approach which gives a very general solution to the problems faced by the sector, if the research method used by the study changed to some qualitative approach then it would be easy to point out the issues by citing an example. The overall observation of two articles shows that IG is very important and should be implemented for achieving goals that are set by the organizations. References Al Omari, L., Barnes, P.H. and Pitman, G., 2012, December. Optimising COBIT 5 for IT governance: examples from the public sector. In Proceedings of the ATISR 2012: 2nd International Conference on Applied and Theoretical Information Systems Research (2nd. ATISR2012). Academy of Taiwan Information Systems Research. Amali, L.N., Mahmuddin, M. and Ahmad, M., 2014. Information Technology Governance Framework in the Public Sector Organizations. TELKOMNIKA (Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control), 12(2), pp.429-436. 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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Literature Review for Advertising Conversations- MyAssignmenthelp

Question: What do consumers believe more company advertising or online reviews? Answer: Introduction The author of the study stated that in this era of technology the consumer perception has also been changed. Their mind has diverted to wards online reviews rather than the companys advertising. The online advertising has changed the mind of many users. The online advertising now playing a dominate role in order to attract the consumer. The online advertising con be done through several of tools such as mobile marketing, online marketing through Facebook, You tube and many others. The online advertising has on some extent replaced the concept of company advertising to online advertising. The companies are now focusing towards the strategies that are helpful to maintain their online advertising in order to attract the number of consumer to satisfy their perspective need related to their required product or service. This report will be based on the discussion of that how consumers perceive from the online advertising in order to differentiate among different product categories like res taurants, cars, holidays, baby products, grocery items and electronic product (Stephen, 2017). Critical Analysis It has been found after studying many of the empirical studies the online advertising has left the company advertising far behind. It has gave a new look of advertising to companies in order to attract the number of users. The online adverting provides knowledge to consumer related to many of items such as household products, baby product, grocery product, electronic product, vehicles and so on. The online advertising has change the perception of many individuals. The author has stated in the favor of this statement that online adverting has changed the thinking of many of the consumer about making purchasing decision. The author further added that this is one of the easiest ways in order to attract consumers; due to the busy schedule in this globalized world people dont have sufficient time to gather the unique and authentic information in order to make purchase decision to satisfy their perspective need (Nugyen, 2017). This has provide consumers a new way in which consumers get attracted to wards their demanded product of service. In this modern word everyone is using smart technology which has limited the entire world in to a single gadget. The online advertising reviews has enables the users to have look about every things. This has made easy for the consumers to make purchasing decision on time with in the limited time constraints. In the contrast the other author has s tated in the critique way to the statement that it is not like that the individual will changed their perception due to the online advertising, according to the author he found that there is still some gap exist that need to m=be minimized the advertising concept plays a vital role for the contribution of companys goals. The author stated that in reviewing the product and services of any small firm it is difficulty to analyze about the authenticity and surety of the product or services either they are delivering proper related message or there is some gap exist (Johar, 2016). Online advertisement provides a quick promotion of product without any of the limitation based on the geographical boundaries. The major challenge is based in evolving field of interactive advertising which sates the new challenges for online advertisers. The online advertising is now have been become one of the major promotion tool. The author of the study stated in his view for the favor with statement because according to author it is one of most recent and widely used strategy in order to promote the prior product and service. The author stated that the online advertising has gave the companies a new and easiest promotional tool, that is playing a significant role for the promotion of products (hofcar, 2016). The promotion has took up a new look through online advertising which is attracting number of consumer related to the consumer need and demand for their perspective product or service. The author other critic on this statement saying that promotion of the product might not b e done in a perfect manner, the promotion requires a careful planning and it is important to analyze all the related factor in order to have a correct promotion of the prior product or service. The promotion is one the most important factor that needs to be done in an efficient and effective manner with full efficacy. The online advertising placement should be done in the right order to gain a full advantage as compare with the traditional advertising it means that to do placement in a manner where it can be review by the right people that is the consumer to reach so the placement must be done by focusing upon the all of the needed factor includes gender, age, interest, hobbies and all the psychographic factor including education, income and hobbies (Kanon, 2017).. This is the related information that need to be focused while placement of the product or service. The author in the favor of this point stated that it is very important to focus on the correct placement of your ad on any web portal or any of the digital tool that are used as purpose for the ad placement (Millan, 2013). The author further added that in order to attract the prior consumer it is important to analyze the entire factor that is necessary to evaluate for the purpose of correct placement of the ads. The other author stated his critical views about the statement, the author stated that it is not important to evaluate the factor those are required for the correct placement, he said that the advertising that can be done through the promotion of any digital tool will attract the number of consumer because the consumer are now always available on the social sites, and advertisement will catch by the eye of consumer itself, and consumer will attract towards the ad which is related to fulfill their perspective need related to their demanded product or service (Gullory, 2014). Internet advertising is now a most important necessity for business. Its provide benefits to those of business that are doing business outside of the local community (Semson, 2017). Consumers use the internet for the entertainment and information purpose. Consumers are now using internet in order to assist almost all type of knowledge with every aspect of their lives in order to create the countless opportunities to have knowledge about the relevant targeted message. The online advertising reaches more consumer than traditional advertising media does. The author founds that the traditional advertising method requires a lot of cost and online advertising is the method that dont requires lot much of cost (Weing, 2015). It has been found that it is very important method that targets the number of consumer more than traditional method does (Chung, 2014) The online advertising requires a careful planning in order to have the surety that the message has been placed in an order that has bee n seen by number of relevant users. The author of the study found that there must be some risk associated with this online advertising method in a way that it is easy to copy the material from the internet, for this purpose requirement are required to follow up in order to save from copying material issue (Carson, 2013). Conclusion It has been conclude at the end that the online advertising has provide consumer a new way of advertising which has changed the mind of the many of the consumers toward the online purchasing of product by having review on the internet. The online advertising has provided the companies a new way of cost efficient advertising approach. Online advertising is a new promotion tool that has increased the number of consumers (Mangold, 2014). The online advertising is the best promotion tool that has made the promotion of the product or service easy. The internets are now delivering the best customer service with the help of online advertising. The users condemn or praise many of the companies on the basis of their personal experience. The online advertising is also effective in a way that they are providing best quality advertising which is than targeted by the concept of word of mouth advertising which helps to increase the number of consumers. The online advertising has change the percept ion of many individuals. Consumers are now using internet in order to assist almost all type of knowledge with every aspect of their lives in order to create the countless opportunities to have knowledge about the relevant targeted message. The online advertising has on some extent replaced the concept of company advertising to online advertising. The companies are now focusing towards the strategies that are helpful to maintain their online advertising in order to attract the number of consumer to satisfy their perspective need related to their required product or service. This report will be based on the discussion of that how consumers perceive from the online advertising in order to differentiate among different product categories to identify which one of firm is delivering the best quality product or service (Ludwig, 2014). References Verhoef, P. C., Stephen, A. T., Kannan, P. K., Luo, X., Abhishek, V., Andrews, M., ... Hu, M. 2017. Consumer Connectivity in a Complex, Technology-Enabled, and Mobile-Oriented World with Smart Products. Simanjuntak, M., Nguyen, M., Situmeang, F. 2017. To What Extent Do Beauty Bloggers Influence the Purchase Behavior of Their Audience? Exploring the Links Between Consumer Personality and Blog Preferences.Advanced Science Letters,23(1), 623-627. Johar, G.V., 2016. Mistaken Inferences from Advertising Conversations: A Modest Research Agenda.Journal of Advertising,45(3), pp.318-325. Hofacker, C.F., Malthouse, E.C. and Sultan, F., 2016. 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